Quick look at the Tegernsee from above

Another place is checked off from my endless travel bucket list: Tegernsee in Bavaria. The surroundings of this lake, Bavarian Alps and the Tirol, are a very famous hiking destination in general. But after I have seen this view of Tegernsee (better quality here: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/55/Tegernsee_vom_Wallberg_14.jpeg), I got an idee fixe to see it exactly form the same point:


This was not so easy: I had to search through the internet for some time; the hiking guides provide a very detailed description of the route and changes in the altitude, but don’t give enough photos to make sure the track includes this view.

After thorough research I can state that the best view to the Tegelsee opens from Wallberg. It’s quite easy to reach the highest point  – the Bergstation- you can either hike for about 3  hours or take a cable car (it takes you 15 minutes and costs 10 € ). There is also a Panorama restaurant on the top. More information here: http://wanderzwerg.eu/wallberg/.

Unfortunately, the weather was not optimal on the day we went there. The only view we have seen was trees covered in fog:


Rather frustrating, right? Nevertheless, “never give up” sometimes could be a perfect motto for everyone in any situation. We didn’t capitulate: we only put on the waterproof outfits and, giggling (such fools, voluntarily going hiking in the rain), headed downhill, into more fog.


We were rewarded almost simultaneousely: after first 50 meters the fog got thinner and we could see the Wallberg chapel. At that time we heard some bells ringing and wondered, what could it be: this was cows magicly appearing from the fog.


On the way down we also enjoyed a couple of beautiful plants.


…and beautiful deserted buildings.


We anticipated the view opening between the thick massive of trees…


…and enjoyed cheese specialities in a cozy wooden 2-in-1 restaurant and cheese dairy (Naturkäserei Tegernseerland, http://www.naturkaeserei.de/).


So even if you are slightly short of time for a full-day-hike but have a chance to visit the Tegernsee area, do it! Going there by car from Munich costs you about 1 hour, riding a cable car to the top – 15 minutes, hiking downhill – 1,5 hours, having a meal – another 30-40 minutes, the view, the air and impressions – priceless and last long!


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