About me

Hi there! I’m very glad you dropped by. Until I have my next inspirational attack to present “me, myself and I”, I will leave a couple of plain words about me here. Of course, it is temporary. But as you know, nothing is as everlasting as temporary…

I’m Ksenia. I live in Berlin and use every possibility to travel that I get (not always so easy working 40 hours a week). People who meet me the first time often have problems with the pronunciation of my name. I was trying to figure out how I could shorten or simplify it, but didn’t come up with a decent idea. If you have one, share it with me, please, I’d be immensely grateful.

Actually, maybe, it is my name’s fault that I travel so much (and don’t want to stop). From Greek (yup, this is a Russian name with it roots in Ancient Greece) “Ksenia” is translated as “a guest, a foreigner, a traveller”. Who knows, who knows…

Lost in the city jungle. Berlin, 2013. (c) Harald Keller

I started live to move it blog to save and keep my travelling memories (if you travel much, they fade quickly, you know it, right?) and to share my experience and adventures with friends and family in a form of (written) story-telling and not constantly repeating myself.

I like brackets (very much) as well as suspension points… It is annoying sometimes, therefore I try to keep them under control (not in this part).

Besides travelling, brackets and suspension points I like dancing (tango argentino and other emotion-reach dances), fitness (I really try to be a sporty one, but my will-power sometimes surrender), being happily in love, taking pictures and being a model, Berlin, undertake and explore new things with friends and take as much from life as I can (but sleep deprivation is not merit).

Bundestag, Berlin, 2016. (c) me

So far so good. The text will be changed with the upcoming inspiration boost. Any questions – drop me a line: ksenia.vl.semenova(at)gmail.com.

Have fun at my page (and a good day)!





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