Cuba. Part 5: About peculiarities and specialties

The last post in this series. Cuba was indeed amazing and this part is about some things that I found very special, sometimes awkward or fascinating…


Signs for a casa

Remember, when you are searching for a place to stay, you can easily spot them by the sign like the one below on the photo. The color of the sign show what type of casa is that: blue – for tourists, red – for locals.

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Cuba. Part 4: Cuban cities and national parks

We had 11 days on Cuba and managed to see 10 cities and 2 national parks. For many, this intense trip could seem too hectic, but for us this rhythm is quite usual. We can’t spend more than 3-4 hours on the beach or stay in one city longer than 2 days. We are hungry for new places, new things to do and to see. Probably, this will change with time, but while we are young we want to take as much as we can from every trip.

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Cuba. Part 2: Travelling from A to B (transport on Cuba)

After solving the problem with accommodation on Cuba (I wrote about it in my previous post), the second question arises: “How to get from A to B possibly quick, cheap and comfortable?” First, these three notions cannot be combined on Cuba (yet, who knows what it will look like there in 10 years). Second, transport on Cuba is a very special story. Therefore, the second part of my Cuba post series is entirely dedicated to the travelling around, Cuba transport and, certainly, couple of tips and tricks how to make your travelling experience as easy as possible. Jump in!

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Cuba. Part 1: Prepare for the trip and find a place to sleep (about casas)

Cuba was one of the most spontaneous and still very desirable and expected destinations. Our friend asked us in the middle of January if we like to fly with him to Cuba next month. We weighted the options, pros and contras and decided to book – literally, to run away from rainy and cloudy Berlin to a sunny island. Besides, the touristic flow to Cuba is expected to grow and winter is the best time to escape from cold Germany.


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